Full Name
Joanna Peña-Bickley
Job Title
Founder and CEO
Vibes Ai
Speaker Bio
Joanna Peña-Bickley, a design engineer, is known as the mother of Cognitive Experience Design and a pioneer in Generative A.I. in product design. She is propelled by multidisciplinary acumen in research, design, technology, and media. Her dedication to lifelong learning and insatiable curiosity has produced 150+ enduring, market making products and smart experiences for the Ai era.

Peña-Bickley’s award-winning design and technology expertise has led to patented inventions and sparked business transformations in some of the world's most recognized companies. IBM, Land Rover, L'Oréal, Sephora, American Express, NASA, Boeing, Nokia, Disney, MTV, Pepsi, Warner Bros, and JayZ have all benefited from her ability to imagine, design, and launch remarkable products and services. Her approach has been characterized as a fusion of creativity and tech that uses leaps of imagination with feats of engineering, to create new A.I. powered products that when introduced are indistinguishable from magic. Whether creating one of the first streaming video players that changed the delivery of live news for ABC, Launching Ovi for Nokia, designing the first banking experience on the Apple Watch for Citibank, reinventing the connected car as a smart mobility platform for General Motors, building new A.I. powered Alexa Devices at Amazon, or reimagining the way world moves goods for Uber; Peña-Bickley’s customer obsession and tenacious leadership delivers business results.

Named one of Fortune's Most Powerful Women, a 2022 Hispanic Star, and a Power Woman of New York , her visionary leadership is fueled by a mission to design inventions that work for everyone, everywhere, every day. Peña-Bickley’s founding of the A.I. Design Corps has positioned her as a dynamic voice and advocate for S.T.E.A.M.D. apprenticeships, workforce upskilling, and economic empowerment for women, girls, and ethnic minorities. Her executive leadership has catalyzed the inclusion of women on US currency as well as contributed to A.I. Ethics and Governance Policies.

As the founder and CEO of Vibes Ai, she is leading a company to launch a new generation of wearable computers built to harness the power of AI for good. These notable accomplishments have made her a coveted keynote speaker at prestigious conferences, including Fortune's Brainstorm Design, CES, Cannes Lions, The One Show, SxSW, Verizon's Data Summit, AWS re:Invent, the TriBeCa Film Festival, 3% Conference, and C2 Montreal.
Joanna Peña-Bickley